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Q: How does the recipient receive the gift card?

The recipient will receive a customized SMS as well as a link to mobisite, both which they can use in store to spend their gift card. In the mobisite they will also see a list of store where they can spend their gift card

Q: How do I register and start sending?

You can register on the home page and link a credit card to begin sending gift cards. You can then use the details you enter on registration to log in in the future.

Q: How do I pay for my gift cards?

Upon registration (or on your profile under settings) you can add a linked card which will be used to pay for the gift cards you send. At the moment this is the only method of payment.

Q: Which cards are supported?

Any South African debit, cheque, and credit card that can be used for online transactions and that are 3D secured.

Q: Can I load more than one card on Wrapped?

No, only one card may be linked at a time.

Q: What do I need to put under NAME when adding a card?

You need to put the name that appears on the front of the card.

Q: How do I use my gift card in store?

You will receive an SMS with a wiCode (which is a once off unique PIN used to pay in-store) as well as a link to a mobisite, which will display a QR code and a wiCode.Once you are inside one of the participating stores and are ready to redeem your gift card, present your wiCode or QR code to the cashier. The required amount will then be deducted from your bill. Should you not have spent the entire amount on the gift card, you will receive an SMS indicating the updated balance, along with a new wiCode and link.

Q: What if I lose my gift card?

Please contact our Wrapped support team here

Q: Can I re-use my wiCode if it has been used previously?

A wiCode is like a One Time Pin (OTP) and can only be used once. A new wiCode however will be sent to you indicating your remaining balance after you’ve used it in store.

Q: Is there a maximum amount I can send?

The maximum amount you can send is R20 000. If you would like to send more than this amount, please Contact Us

Q: Can I transfer my gift card wiCode to a friend or family member?

You can send an un-redeemed wiCode to a friend or family member, however the balance and follow-up communications will be sent to the original recipient’s mobile number. wiCodes that have been redeemed previously cannot be used again.

Q: My gift card cannot be processed in-store and is invalid.

If the gift card is invalid it could be for one of the following reasons:
- The gift card or wiCode has already been redeemed.
- The gift card has expired.
- The wiCode you are trying to use is incorrect – please ensure that you have the original SMS or mobisite with you when you want to use your gift card.
- You are not at a participating store.

The wiCode you are trying to use is incorrect – please ensure that you have the original SMS or mobisite with you when you want to use your gift card. You are not at a participating store.
Should you still experience problems please contact our Wrapped support team here.

Q: If I don’t spend the full value of my gift card, will I receive the change in cash?

The store will not pay out cash for any unused value from a gift card. Instead, you will be issued with a new SMS and mobisite link with the balance of your gift card, to be redeemed at a later occasion.

Q: If my wiCode has expired can I get a new one?

Please review the T&Cs or contact our Wrapped support team here.

Q: If I send a gift card to the incorrect mobile number what do I do?

Once a gift card has been issued, it cannot be undone.

Q: What is the Wrapped gift card and how is it different to the other gift cards?

The Wrapped gift card is a digital gift card that can be redeemed at the following retailers:
- Nandos
- Primi
- Vida e Caffè
- Burger King
- iStore
- Cellucity
- Incredible Connection
- HiFi Corporation
- Toy Kingdom
- Hirschs
- Dis-Chem
- Hungry Lion
- Krispy Kreme

Q: What are the fees to send a gift card?

There is a fee of 7.5% of the value of every gift card you send. This will be added to your total when you make payment.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of mobile numbers I can upload?

Yes, the maximum number of mobile numbers you can upload at a time is 2000.